Sixth Grade Play

“Anne of Green Gables”

by Marisa Linsky


Anne – Rowan Pepe

Marilla – Malia Bartek

Matthew – Brandon Holub

Dianna – Savanna Hart

Mr. Barry – Mark James Cordisco

Mr. Allen – Brendan Zimmerli

Mrs. Allen/Mrs. Lyn – Justine Wollman

Peddler – Tyler Cawley

Narrator – Evan Kramer

Commercial People – Billy Blair and Evan Shimoskie

“Anne of Green Gables” is a heart-warming story about a young girl who gets adopted by mistake. Anne (Rowan Pepe) learns so many new things in the small town of Green Gables. Marilla and Matthew (Malia Bartek and Brandon Holub), sister and brother, adopt Anne and introduce her their home. While getting into some mischief on the way, Anne meets new people, including her best friend, Dianna (Savanna Hart), and she even ends up with green hair!

The Miller, His Son and the Donkey

by Michelle Ruhl

This year the 7th grade performed the play, The Miller, His Son and the Donkey.  It is a fable by Aesop.  It is about a miller who has very little money and plans on selling his donkey to get money to buy food.  As he and his son go through town, people tell them what they are supposed to do with their donkey.  They try to do what everyone says is right, but everyone tells them something different.  Finally, they came across two debaters.  They told the miller and his son that they must beg the donkey for forgiveness for riding it.  So they did, and they also had to carry the donkey home.  The moral of this story is that if you try to please everyone you will please no one.  In this play the Miller was played by Willie Thompson, the Son was played by Nathan Siegfried, and the Donkey by Isabel Joyner.  In this story there also are a bunch of other characters such as two girls and women, a butcher, a rabbit, a narrator, and a crazy dude who claims to be Santa Clause.  The two girls were played by Marianne and Kassandra, the women were played by Breanne and Angelica, the butcher was played by Sean, the rabbit was played by Breanne, the narrator was Maddie, and the crazy old dude was Eamon.  This play was very enjoyable but at the same time taught a good lesson.


8th Grade Play Review By: Maddie Wilson


The Girl and the Gold Mine


Mildred Hartworthy, a delicate little prairie flower so she thought, fell off the back of the wagon in the middle of a prairie town. Her family never noticed that she was gone. Two gold miners, Gus and Charlie, found her and took her into their home. When she was older, she fell in love with a criminal named Smelly Van Drippington who was wanted for stealing the map of her guardian’s gold mine! This map wasn’t just an ordinary one as it told the person in possession of it where all of Gus and Charlie’s gold is located! Along comes Jasper Mudhaven, who is stricken by Mildred’s strange unusual beauty and personality. Does he really want her or the gold? Will Mildred be able to keep Jasper’s hands off the map? Also, will she be able to prove her one true love is not guilty of taking the map of the gold mine? Will she find her lost family? Let’s hope so!



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