By Motus Anderson (Grade 3)

St. Theresa School is 7th place in the Diocese of Allentown in First In Math.

Natalie Hagan was in 1st place in the school for the month of September, and Tyler Cawley earned the most points for October.  Tyler Cawley continued in first place in November, but his brother Ryan topped him for the best monthly performance in December of 2010.   In STS the top class is 4th grade with over 33,000 points. Wow! Third Grade is close behind with over 25,000 followed by 6th grade with over 15,000 points.

Parents, make sure your children are using First In Math! It’s much better than flash cards. The children need at least 10 minutes on First In Math every day. It teaches everything kids need to know about math.

Tyler Cawley says “its really fun, I usually play equal length”. And Natalie Hagan says “first in math is fun to help you in school so you should use it”.


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