St. Theresa School had an Eastern magic show on March 3, 2011. In one of the tricks the magician used an ancient instrument called the linking rings. Qobi Quainoo from seventh grade assisted him. The magician also took a rag and put it over a ball, and the ball started to float. It was an awesome trick. He also used Chinese sticks in one of the tricks. At one point he was wrapped in locked chains, and he escaped (this was a trick that was performed by the late Houdini). Our fifth grade teacher, Miss Gillespie, assisted with that trick. For his final trick, the magician levitated one of fifth graders, Michelle Ruhl. That was really cool! The magician ended his show by talking about bullying. Several students in various grades assisted him. You can learn more about the magician and his tricks at

This article written by contributing reporters: Motus Anderson, Georgia Papageorgiou, and Brady Rowe


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