Well the close of another school year is upon us.  It has been a very busy year.  We’ve been through a Middle States Re-Certification and been through other Diocesan Reviews as well.  We did very well on all of our reviews and we are looking forward to the year ahead.  As we close this year.  I would just like to thank Mrs. Ann Heavilon for her work on the school newspaper and for all the students who took time to create content for the newspaper.

Next year our approach to this paper will be slightly different.  We will be involving students in special projects to create content for the newspaper as part of our revised information technologies program.  We will also be featuring other types of student generated content such as photos, art work , videos, digital stories, music, and podcasts.  Students will be able to showcase important pieces of work here along with their writing content.    Our format will also look a little different next year since the students will have a design project to select a new design and layout for our school newspaper site.

Stay tuned for the new and more dynamic Cougar Tracks News next year.  Thanks again for being with us this year.  Have a wonderful summer.   Ken Westgate Media Specialist.


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